Chu Dau old - age deep blue ceramic vase

Chu Dau old - age deep blue ceramic vase

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Chu Dau old – age deep blue ceramic vase


The vase has been being kept on Topkapi Saray museum, Istanbul ( Turkey) and being insured at USD 1.000.000



On the vase there are Chineses characters:



Saying that the artisan Bui made it in 1450 in Nam Sach, Hai Duong.





In plain language, it is called garlic – shaped vase ( because it looks like a garlic) . According to oriental philosophy, garlic – shaped vase represents for Yang ( positive) , the Sun, Father, Pillar.


  • The vase neck is upright manifesting straightness, staunchness and steadiness.


  • Vase shoulder and foot are decorated with lotus petals to praise Buddhism – the most popular religion of Vietnam.


  • Vase body is a perfect combination between decoration of marguerite – a symbol of nobleness and genyle liana. All these are unitedly displayed in deep-blue color on pure white glaze background.


Chu Dau ancient Ty Ba ceramic vase


This type of vase was found in a wrecked shop nearly Cu Lao Cham islet. The vase with the height of 28.5 cm and creeper flower decoration was auctioned by SOTHEBYS Company (USA) to Mr. Jules Speelman at a record price of USD 521.000.



 Bộ hoa lam - tỳ bà âm dương


Chu Dau Ty Ba ceramic vase


With five basic elements, four seasons and Binh Than waves decoration.


This vase bearing the feature of TY BA lute symbolizes the Yin ( negative) , the Earth, Mother manifesting grace and juvenility of Vietnamese woman. It is really a piece of art bearing deep national character.


·         The Lac Viet bird feathers surrounding the mouth of the vase epitomize the tradition of descendants of Fairy and Dragon.


·         On the vase shoulder, there is a pattern of five basic elements ( metal, wood, water, fire  an earth)


·         A set of piture of four seasons depicting Pine, Chrysanthemum, Plum, Bamboo anh Binh Than waves is the common topic on vase body.

Vase foot is bordered with lotus  petals decoration.

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